How to Deal With Depression After Birth?

What is the way to help women who suffer from depression following childbirth or what is called postpartum depression? In case of a mild depression, usually the problem solves itself naturally, especially if the woman had some support and help from those who are around her. If the woman is fully aware of this disorder and is familiar with it, she will know that this is a passing crisis.

When women are depressed, they have difficulty seeking help. They feel ashamed because the role of the ideal mother is very firm in their minds. It is difficult for them to admit that they are unable to perform the role of the ideal mother. Also, the return of mothers to work a few days after childbirth is quite difficult for them because at this time the child starts to express his needs, for example, his hunger, and the mother should be there for him.

It is very dangerous not to treat postpartum depression. The woman who suffers depression does not show any sympathy for her baby and does not attend to his needs. So, the baby will be exposed to the neglect which results in emotional problems and long-term growth problems.

The postpartum depression should be dealt with quickly because the first meeting between the mother and her child lay the foundation for their relationship over the subsequent period. If the communication between them is difficult, this may cause suffering on both sides, which is why treatment should start at an early stage to avoid the aggravating of the situation.

When the mother is diagnosed with postpartum depression she must undergo psychiatric treatment. In case of deep depression the specialist may prescribe psychological drugs for the patient in addition to the psychological treatment. Initially the specialist will begin treating the mother and the child to be able to build a good relationship between them, and teaches the mother how to sympathize with her child needs so she can deal with them. Then the specialist will start watching the way the mother carries her child, the way she looks at him, and then session after the other he will evaluate their progress.

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